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wooden dog crate end table

Wooden dog crate end table furniture / pet crate end table and coffee table dog crate is a smart choice for any apartment or room. It will cover two purposes and certainly will be a practical solution as a dog crate end table( if you need one) and end table..

As you already know dog crates come in many materials and sizes and cover more purposes than just one. Having a big dog myself it really changed my mind as to a purpose.

In the beginning when the dog is a puppy, the dog crate can be a safe place to rest for little dog. Dogs love to rest in safe environment and train a little puppy to use the crate from the beginning is a very wise step.

As mentioned , different dog cages are made from different materials: wood, plastic, metal and soft material. Depending on the material, purpose of the crate can be just more than a crate for a dog when you are not present. You may need a dog crate for cars or as a dog travel crate. Or you may have a multi purpose dog crate and reuse it any time, which with a smart planning, will give you more bang for your money.

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Dog Crate End Table

Wooden Dog Crate End Table

Dog Crate Models in General

Dog Crate Type Use & Purpose

What You Need to Know about Dog Crates

Dog Crate Safety

Wooden Dog Crate Assembly Video

Most Popular Wood Dog Crate 

–  Merry Products Cage with Crate Cover Set

Best Rated  Wood Dog Crate 

– Richell Pet Pen

Wooden Dog Crate End Table Furniture with most Reviews

Many dog owners look particularly for wooden dog crate end table, so they cover two bases: the dog cage and the always good looking part: furniture .

They are so many great looking dog crates made of wood or wood veneer. The most popular is Merry Products Cage with Crate Cover Set which may fulfill the wood dog crate end table  purpose. This a good point to start searching for the best suiting your taste. (Merry Products Manufacturer)

If you do not find the one ideal for your place, you can always make one yourself, which may be more complicated.

dog crate end table

dog crate end table: courtesy of dog crate Amazon.com

Dog Crate Models in General

Dog crates should create the safe environment for dogs in first place. They should be :

  • safe
  • easy to clean
  • easy to put together
  • multi purpose

Dog crates may be for cars, for traveling, but foremost they are for training your dog in first place. Some dog owners like to use wooden dog crates as a furniture, which is not a bad idea.

If you plan buying a dog cage, decide which material you like to have it from. Remember, that dog crate may be a long term piece of “furniture” in your household.

Most people like to have a cage only for few months to train their dog to stay calm in the beginning and not to destroy anything in the room. This of course is the right thing to have it for. But it is another reason to buy a dog crate for: it may be a safe place for your dog in first place. This would be long term solution for you and your friend. If you plan on traveling, you need the right dog cage for either the car or airplane travel. In this case, you need to plan for a cage, which may b e used for travel and home.

So it will be sometimes better to plan a head and find a dog cage, which may stay in the room and have more than one purpose. It can be a safety crate for the dog, and it may be a useful piece of furniture for you.

Dog Crate Type Use & Purpose

Dog Crate TypeWood Dog CreatesMetal Dog Crates Soft Sided Dog Crates
for decorationyes not so muchnot so much
car travelingnot so muchyesyes
airplane travelnonoyes, but it depends on the right dimmensions

Wooden dog crates are an elegant and practical solution for every dog owner. They look great at any time, and they fulfill their purpose. The choice is great and may please anyone. They can be as stand alone dog crates or as end table dog crates.

Wooden dog crate models come in three different sizes: small, medium and large. The color can be chosen in few wood hues : brown, light brown and grey. When choosing the right wood crate, of course try to match the closest to color of the rest of the furniture.The right color will really add the chic to any room.

Some  dog crates come with covers, some are on wheels, and some come plain. The best value probably will be in wood cage with the cover. When buying the right wooden cage I encourage you to read reviews. People usually will write about problems when assembling the cage or using it. Paying attention to details usually will save you problems later. And all wood dog crates require some assembly at home.

Remember, every dog crate should be easy to put together and easy to clean. It should be a size bigger than the size of your dog, because the dog will be standing in cage also.

Wood material, when finished, is easy to take care of. You may treat is similarly to your wood furniture.

If you decide for other types of dog cages, it is good to read instructions how to clean  the cage. Metal cages are easy to keep up with. Soft dog cages are made of the sturdy material and they should come with the right and detailed instructions how to clean them.

Wooden Dog Crate End Table & The Dog Safety

When considering the right dog cage or dog crate end table, you need to take under consideration the safety of the crate. Always! Some crates are better and safer for puppies (wood crates and soft sided crates) some are safe for bigger dogs, like metal cages. Always look how they are built, if they do not have places, where the dog could get trapped, especially when the doggie is still young and very playful and mischievous.

If the dog is a puppy, they like to chew on everything, so a little dog may damage a wooden cage. This should be not a problem with plastic and metal cages.

If you are a responsible dog owner, you may consider two cages. When the dog is still a puppy a small metal cage should be a safe retreat place for him. If the doggie is a little grown up, you may consider wooden or metal crate.

Assembling a Wooden Dog Crate End Table Furniture on Video

If you decided for wood dog crate for your home, you may appreciate the video which will show you how to assemble it .It is not very complicated, but it will need some tips where to start and how to first.

Wood Dog Crate Models:

3 Most Popular Wood Dog Crate End Table Furniture / Pet Crate End Table :

 Merry Products Cage with Crate Cover Set: #1

Merry Products Cage with Crate Cover SetMade by Merry Products, this cage made of real wood is very nice addition to every room . The Merry Products are well known for products designed  for pets (dogs and cats), for indoor and outdoor use.

Their dog crate end table furniture was designed with the purpose to be multi functional : to serve as a safe pet crate and as a nice looking piece of furniture, which may be standing alone or be a wood pet crate end table. It is very popular with dog owners and this product is one of the best selling in pet and dog crates.

Features of this dog crate end table:

  • comes in three sizes: small, medium and large dog crate
  •  the wooden and solid crate top serves as a table and allows personal items to be stored on top, taking full advantage of the surface area with no effect on the crate or pet inside
  • the dog cage kit includes removable plastic tray that can be pulled out for cleaning purposes, this really makes a difference when cleaning and up keeping the crate’s hygiene
  • the crate includes a removable divider (great for training purposes)
  • the crate is a combination of veneered wood and fully functional free-standing steel crate
  • the manufacturer guarantees the easy assembly  (and the disassembly)

The Pros of this multi-functional wood dog crate:

  • The combination of the wood and metal looks great and will add a chic to every room, fulfilling the purpose of having it for your dog in first place and using it as a table or end table if needed.
  • The sizes of the product will accommodate many breeds and dog sizes
  • Most dogs will feel safe and cozy in this kind of “home”
  • The color of the dog crate brings freshness to every room
  • because the cage is built from two main parts (the wooden and the metal cage) the metal cage is collapsible for travel and this adds the functionality the very important purpose: the traveling option.

What the Reviews are saying?

The rating is : 3.9 stars

47 % of reviews are very positive and are giving  the product 5 stars straight.

15 % of the reviews were giving the wood dog crate between 3 and 1 star. Most complaints were regarding the metal cage. The metal part seems to be less sturdy than Midwest metal cages are built of. Everyone complimented the wooden  look and design.

In Conclusion:

If you are looking for better solution than just a metal dog crate, this wooden dog crate end table and cage in one may fulfill your expectations. Even those customers who did not give this product 100% positive review, liked the look and design of the wood cage and complimented its look. The metal part may not be as sturdy as other metal cages, but it still fulfils the purpose. In many cases, the behaviour and the personality of the dog may really decide about your final word.

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Best Rated Wooden Dog Crate

 Richell Pet Pen – Wooden and Mobile #2

Richell Mobile Pet Pen

Richell is better known for pet gates, but this company is making well rated and popular wood dog crates, which are called pet pens but what they really are they are wood dog crates on little wheels.

This Richelle Pet Pen is very popular variation of the Richelle products.

These kind of dog pens come in few variations and it would be good to look at them all, because  they come in different sizes and may really suit your needs.

You can choose from:

  • Pet pen for smaller and medium dogs
  • dog pen for large dogs
  • pet pen combos 120-90 & 90-60
  • expandable pet pens

These pet pens are well-built to last and they really look nice in the room setting. Most importantly they are well suited and safe for dogs as pet crates or pet pens.

  • Perfect pen for small to medium pets
  • Slide-locking system on door, top and base adds extra security
  • Washable plastic tray protects the floor from soiling or scratches
  • Removable casters with locks for ease of movement and safety
  • Removable wire top provides easy pet access

Features of Richell Pet Pens

  • built to last from sturdy material
  • door with sliding latch, which can be locked
  • some models have two doors, if you wish to buy two door model
  • the bottom tray is plastic, easy to clean and scratch resistant and matches in color the wood crate
  • top is easy to remove for easy pet access
  • easy instructions for easy assembly

First Impression Look:

Comparing it to a metal cage this is really making better and warmer impression. It is stylish and  and it does not look heavy. The best of it all is, that the dog pen is easy to move around when needed.

The access through the top is easy.  Locking the wheels makes it really stable.

It looks elegant, light and very cozy.

#3 Richell Dog Pen Reviews:

Reviewers love the look, and the dog pen as the whole. It is suitable for dog training and as a cozy pen for the dog. It is easy to put together and take apart for storage. The good thing also is, it is easy to clean and upkeep it clean.

Click Here to Get The Current Price and Different Variations of The Richelle Dog Pen

Wooden dog crate end table is a smart solution and addition to any room. It adds a function as a furniture and it saves space .

Dog crate end table /wooden dog crate models are smart choice from many pet crate models on the market. They definitely create a softer look than metal and wire dog cages. Depending on your needs and foremost the dog breed you may decide what is the best, most safe and smartest choice. End table dog crate models  are one way of having both in one piece: the dog crate and a furniture. Find more about best dog crate or read more about models which are more decorative dog crate  types.

 Wooden dog crate end table furniture

Best Dog Crate Models on the Market

Best Dog Crate Models

Best dog crate must please you and your dog! Of course you are shopping for the top dog crates. The best one will be the one, your dog loves and will find comfortable to take a nap in, wait for you and dream about his bone.

It may be time consuming to find the model. But we are here to help with our advice . We ‘ve spend a lot of time to search for the best products for our pets. And we compiled a lot of useful links to help you find top rated products for your companion.

Merry Pet MPS002 Wood Room Image :courtesy of Amazon.com

Most useful links to most popular searches for dogs:

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Best Dog Crate Features:

When shopping for the right pet cage it is important to realize, that it is  an important equipment for every responsible pet owner. It is a big aid in pet training as it is a quiet place for your dog. Not having one and the right one at your home may be a mistake.

When considering the best pet cage, take these features under the consideration:

  •  right size :size should accommodate the size of your dogie. Size is important and yes it matters! You want the dog freely stand in the cage and have enough space for free movement
  •  easy to clean : every cage should be easy to be cleaned with the water
  • multi-functionality :use it as dogs place to sleep, for transport , travel, for outside or as a furniture
  • safety : the cage must be safe. Especially with smaller dogs, the cage may be not to safe when the spacing of the cage structure are to big. Think of it when considering especially metal cages or kennels.

Why the Best Pet Crate?

Why it is important to chose the top quality pet cage for your pet? Dogs love to be spending their time in dogs crates when they want to rest or just spend some time alone. As they are very compassionate about being with their owners, they naturally need to have a place, which belongs to them and they can use it when ever they want to take a nap or just rest.

That why it is important to decide, which kind of pet cage would be the best for the dog and its owner.

When researching pet crates you will find all kind of dogs crates with different dimensions, but you can shop for more  cages like: wood, metal, plastic, soft sided or collapsible, which are built fro different type of material.

Some pet owners are looking for certain  crates by brands. Understandable, some dog cage brands are more popular, but may not always be the best .

If you are a new dog owner you may be looking for some ideas and guidance which kind of dog crate to buy.

Basically the dogs crate is used by the do for resting, but it is a very important training tool. You can use it in the beginning to train the puppy to stay alone and stay there , so it does not destroy the furniture.

When buying the right pet cage may be important to decide in first place, what it will be used for. As a tool to train the dog first and than to reuse it as his safe retreat or you may like the idea to have it as a furniture ( end table dog crate) for long run.

All these ideas are important, because it will save you money in long run, or if you have a small appartment, you may buy only one dog crate, which will be used for the dog  as his safe place and reused for transport in the car and to the veterinarian.

The material, which the pet cage is built from is important also. Metal cages are very sturdy, and they withstand harsher treatment, and the dog will not destroy them easily. If you would like to have a dog cage, which may be used as a furniture or at least look as a piece of furniture, then it is smart to choose the wood dog crate.

Having a big dog will put you in the situation to look for large or extra large pet cage. Even the place where you want to have it may play a role which kind of pet cage to chose. But pet crates come in medium and small sizes too.

And the last, but very important part in buying the right cage is how easy or difficult it will be to clean. You have to take this aspect under the consideration, because  this may play very important role in the health of your puppy.

Best dog crate reviews