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 Best Dog Crate Models on the Market

Dog crate reviews top rated best dog crates, wooden dog crates, dog crate end table, best soft sided dog crate models , dog crate plastic, dog crate furniture ,wire dog crates, collapsible and portable for car, travel and home.This reviews were  created to help new and advanced dog owners and dog lovers to find top dog crates and products on the market. Some times to find the top rated dog crate may be more time consuming than you realize it. We create real dog crate and dog products reviews to make the buying of such easier for new dog owners.

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Best Dog Crate
As a dog owner you may face many questions regarding dog cages and dog crates as they  are very important part of dog training. Read consumer dog crate reviews: (Image is a courtesy of

They are many dog crates on the market and find the best dog cage may be time consuming.

We conducted research to help you to find best crate for dog for many situations including best dog crate for separation anxiety and dog travel crate.

Find here :

Best dog crate reviews

We would advise you to research the market really thoroughly, so you will end up only with the best product, which will be great not only for you but foremost safe, comfortable and stable for your dog.

Best Dog Crate for Separation Anxiety

You are not alone dealing with this problem, as many dog owners are solving it with  using the dog cage to calm their dogs. It is very important to start with this training early, as a dog can develop the sense of safety taking naps and rest in the cage. If this is done correctly, than any safe dog crate will be good for anxiety treatment. See best dog crates for separation anxiety

To find how to deal correctly with dog anxiety research this article.

Safe Best Dog Crate is Great for Dog Training

Consumer dog crate reviews have proven, that best dog crates are safe dog crates and are very important training equipment for puppies.

If you are a new dog owner, you probably know about the importance of safe dog crates. They certainly are a correct way to start training your new puppy at home. Dog crates are an excellent training tool and they are a cozy home for the puppy. When properly introduced the dog can easily relate to the cage as to the ” safe den”, which in the nature would be his safe place.Dogs love and need their privacy and will use their cage to get a nap and secure place to sleep.

Good pet owner will be always concerned with the safety of the dog crate. The size and material of the dog cage matters. The most safe dog crates are soft dog cages and the size is important also.

 Dog Crate Reviews:

Best Dog Crate Types and Materials : What You Need to know about  dog crates

Dog crates and cages come in many shapes and sizes. You need to decide which size best fits your dog. I personally prefer soft sided dog crates, but I like the wooden dog cages and dog crate end table models, they fit the interior and they look like a furniture..

In reality the material choice is up to you. Dogs get used to the crate very easily, they like privacy, and they do not care about the material.

Just a small note: if you are training a puppy, the safety is priority. The best advise here is: for small puppy use smaller size crate, the best would be soft sided cage.

Type of material may not be so important. To keep the dog crate clean and in good shape is important.

Sizes of dog crates:

  • extra large dog crates
  • large dog crates
  • small dog crates

The material, used to build the dog crate could be:

  • wood
  • metal
  • plastic
  • soft dog crates

I understand, that you do not want to spend a lot of money on the cage. There is a choice of cages and some of them are cheaper.

They are best dog crate reviews of inexpensive dog crates and most popular dog crates are wire dog crates.

The dog crate can have one door or door on both sides . The best to buy is the dog crate with dog crate replacement tray. Such tray can be taken out for easy cleaning. Sometimes it may be the safety issue with these cages, when dogs paws or nails can be trapped in these wire spaces.

Some dog owners prefer to cover the dog crate. Dog crate covers are excellent for “separation and the privacy” for your dog. They can benefit from “time out” and get a little nap in the privacy on their own. Dog crate covers never come with the dog cage, they need to be purchased separately.

Soft Sided Dog Crates Reviews

soft dog crate


Soft sided dog crates are very popular with dog owners. They are easy to handle when ever it is required for transport or just to move it around the house. As they are very safe solution for your pet if you are concerned about the safety.

Their best feature is, that they are light and can be folded very easy. And they actually look good in the room. They seem to give more privacy to the dog. They are great for homes and for transport and they eliminate the need for dog crate covers..

Soft Sided Dog Crates Features:

  • easy to assemble
  • well ventilated
  • lightweight, but still enough compact
  • safe

These type of crates are great for transport also. So multi functionality adds to it’s value.

Dog Crate Furniture  and Wooden Dog Crates are Decorative Dog Crates  

dog crate furnitureWood crates look more naturally inside the home and they are built like dog crate furniture. Dog owners use them as decorative dog crates and they are well suited for small apartments, where the fulfill double function. Actually they may contribute to the style of the room. They are many great looking wooden dog crates and many are very popular choices for enhancing your rooms look and decor. Read more here


Wooden dog crates

All wooden dog crates come in all sizes.The variety of wood and color is also wide, only the choice is up to you. You may find elegant wood cages, which will match your interior. they are good investment, because the dog will have his privacy when needed, and your interior will have the functionality it deserves. Very safe for the dog.

Very popular with dog owners are end table dog crate models. They are practical, they fulfill the purpose and they look like a furniture in the room.

Metal Dog Crates:

metal dog crateFor large dogs the best cages are made from metal. The soft sided may be good for traveling, but for home the metal type cages are the best. Try to make them more comfortable with blanket on the floor. They are enough spacey for big dog to spend few hours there, but usually not for longer periods of time.

Naturally for big dogs you need extra large dog crates. Big dogs need some extra space when they stand in their cage. Some models come with single door or some come with more convenient double doors.

Both types of dog crates are very popular mainly because these crates are:

  • easy to put together
  • they sturdy dog crates
  • collapsible. When not needed, they can be easy stored under the bed or garage or for easy transport..
  • good price
  • easy to clean
  • for apartment or for house

If you decide to buy dog crate cover check: Pet Dreams Classic Crate Cover – 3 Piece Set. Fits nicely over the dog cage.

Best Dog Crate Reviews and Dog Crate Covers Reviews on YouTube

Best dog crate reviews best dog crates models in detail. To find the best cage for your dog read our top dog crate reviews.

We have some recommended best dog crate picks like dog crate furniture and best soft sided dog crate models. They are popular with dog owners, are safe and look like decorative dog crates and we recommend these as best dog crate models.

Decorative Dog Crates That Look Like Furniture

Decorative Dog Crates That Look Like Furniture Models

dog crate end tableDecorative dog crates that look like a furniture are popular, practical and in demand, because the dual function is appealing especially to people and their owners with smaller apartments or rooms.

Comparing to other types of dog crates this pet crate looks like a furniture and gives the room a style and it still gives the dog a comfortable place to sleep and it is an indoor crate kennel cage.

Decorative dog crates image :courtesy of

Decorative Crates :

come in many forms, but the most popular are:

Most Popular Decorative Dog Crates That Look like Furniture:

They are not so many decorative cages available on market. We found three best reviewed wooden crates which received best reviews and are safe for your pet.

Merry Products Cage with Crate Cover Set

Pet Crate Table made with Eco-Friendly Rubber wood

Richell Wood Mobile Pet Pen


Best Decorative Dog Kennel with Pet Bed | Double Door | Wooden Wire Dog House | Large Indoor Pet Crate Side Table | Espresso







Merry Products Cage with Pet Bed

  • All  wooden decorative cages are nice and well built to stand in any room. They received many reviews and dog owners like them.
  • Most reviewers liked these stylish wood crates ,  as wood is very warm and decorative material. It really adds chic instantly to any room. We like it also , because it has a good ventilation, is harmless to the pet and it can be renewed very easily. The clean up is easy.
  • If you care about the safety, wooden decorative cages are very safe.
  • All of these cages are fold-able. Sometimes you just need that feature

Having a decorative pet cage at home makes your room looks more accomplished, chic and in order.It is smart to aim for this kind of dog cage if you have smaller apartment or room.

 With decorative dog crates that look like furniture you can actually save money, because they have a dual purpose…If you already have a cage which is not so decorative or you want to improve the look you can always look for decorative dog crate covers or make one yourself .

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