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Decorative Dog Crates That Look Like Furniture

Decorative Dog Crates That Look Like Furniture Models

dog crate end tableDecorative dog crates that look like a furniture are popular, practical and in demand, because the dual function is appealing especially to people and their owners with smaller apartments or rooms.

Comparing to other types of dog crates this pet crate looks like a furniture and gives the room a style and it still gives the dog a comfortable place to sleep and it is an indoor crate kennel cage.

Decorative dog crates image :courtesy of Amazon.com

Decorative Crates :

come in many forms, but the most popular are:

Most Popular Decorative Dog Crates That Look like Furniture:

They are not so many decorative cages available on market. We found three best reviewed wooden crates which received best reviews and are safe for your pet.

Merry Products Cage with Crate Cover Set

Pet Crate Table made with Eco-Friendly Rubber wood

Richell Wood Mobile Pet Pen


Best Decorative Dog Kennel with Pet Bed | Double Door | Wooden Wire Dog House | Large Indoor Pet Crate Side Table | Espresso







Merry Products Cage with Pet Bed

  • All  wooden decorative cages are nice and well built to stand in any room. They received many reviews and dog owners like them.
  • Most reviewers liked these stylish wood crates ,  as wood is very warm and decorative material. It really adds chic instantly to any room. We like it also , because it has a good ventilation, is harmless to the pet and it can be renewed very easily. The clean up is easy.
  • If you care about the safety, wooden decorative cages are very safe.
  • All of these cages are fold-able. Sometimes you just need that feature

Having a decorative pet cage at home makes your room looks more accomplished, chic and in order.It is smart to aim for this kind of dog cage if you have smaller apartment or room.

 With decorative dog crates that look like furniture you can actually save money, because they have a dual purpose…If you already have a cage which is not so decorative or you want to improve the look you can always look for decorative dog crate covers or make one yourself .

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