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Soft Sided Dog Crate Reviews

Best Soft Sided Dog Crates on the Market Reviewed

Soft Sided Dog Crate reviewsBest soft sided dog crate reviews soft dog crates models and compares them to other dog crates made from different materials, like wood or wire. Soft dog crates are great training accessory and a must have if you have a dog or cat. It is a smart decision to buy one to use it as a travel dog crate or just to hold the dog when transporting to veterinarian. Sooner or later you will need one.

Soft dog crates are very popular, especially with owners of small dogs. They have usually multi purpose use and are used as a dog crate and a soft sided carrier. You can compare them to different types of dog crates and see the difference.

You may be surprised how many soft dog crates are available on the market.

They are many great soft fabric crates for dogs, which may be used as:

  • dog crates
  • soft dog kennels
  • portable soft dog crate for transport or travel

They come in many shapes and colors. However, they are not created equally. The safety should be on your mind.

Great for traveling and not only for traveling, they are very popular and with strict airline guidelines more and more sought after for airline traveling. They come in different sizes: small, medium and large and in many creative colors. Most of them is created from sturdy material, easy to clean and washable.

3 Best Soft Sided Crates Models For Dogs : #1 Best Selling 

Petnation Port-A-Crate E2 Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home Soft Sided Dog Crate

best soft sided dog crate reviewsThe Petnation Port-A-Crate E2 Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home is #1 best selling in soft sided dog crates are a popular choice after best selling metal crates. This soft dog cage comes in 6 dimensions and is suitable for dogs and cats. FYI it comes in: 16 inch, 20 inch, 24 inch, 28 inch and 32 inch sizes.
It is lightweight and the nice thing about this crate is, that it is easy to be set up, is collapsible for easy storage and it is multi purpose. Can be used as a crate, but it is suitable for transport and traveling.
May be used indoor or outdoor. It received huge review response and it is very well suited for any kind of dog breed.

Here are some most important features of this soft sided crate:

  • it is lightweight
  • sturdy: it hold the shape
  • made of sturdy mesh material and supported by extra strong steel frame : this is very handy, as it is easy to clean
  • at the same time it has mesh windows , which are airy and similar to honeycomb – this feature encourages airflow throughout the Port-A-Crate
  • great for housing or transport of dog or cat : the multi functionality cuts on extra expenses
  • additionally it has industrial strength zippers and door latches for safely securing your pet : strong zippers are easy to operate, but still will keep safe the pet inside

What Reviews are Saying About Petnation Soft Sided Crate ?

The product received 4.2 stars and reviewers overwhelmingly liked its features:

  • the flat fold ability and
  • easy storage when not in use and
  • easiness of using this comparing to metal crates.

Many dog owners appreciated the ventilation of the crate. The sturdy built of the soft cage is applauded in many reviews.

The one thing which may improve the crate would be an extra removable pad on the bottom of the soft sided crate. But this is easy to fix  by adding an extra towel on the bottom or extra removable pad.

In conclusion, this is well manufactured soft carrier/ crate, which is economically priced and easy to take care of. It is safe to use and easy to put together and fold if not in use.

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“Sof Krate”  Soft Sided Dog Crate #2 Best Soft Sided in Dog Crates :

Soft sided dog crate :

Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Indoor and Outdoor Crate for PetsThe NOZTONOZ Sof-Krate Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home is #2 best selling soft crate and very popular choice of many cat and dog owners. It comes in 5 different sizes from 21 inches to 42 inches long.

As many soft sided cages made from the sturdy material this cage is a popular choice, because dog owners appreciate it light weight and easy storage option.

Features :

  • made of sturdy mesh fabric supported with steel construction
  • well ventilated
  • easy to set and dismantle
  • rounded corners
  • pets up to 70 lbs

soft sided dog crate

Many pet owners use Nature’s Miracle Orthopedic Pet Bed with the foldable soft sided dog crate.

Why Reviewers Like This Soft Sided Dog Crate?

  • Most pet owners love the easy set up and the durability of the product.
  • If you plan on transporting your dog and want a safe crate this is the crate to buy.
  • In combination with the orthopedic pet bed it is ideal for any pet.
  • It is safe, economically priced and durable.

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#3 Best and Popular from Best Soft Sided Dog Crates Is:

Product Details

EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate

Popular because it comes in 6 different dimensions! Very flexible and in many colors. Check here:

The good thing contributing to its popularity is two year warranty.

In our opinion this is one of the best choices if you consider price, color and dimension choice and the best warranty.

In Conclusion:

Benefit of having the Soft Sided Dog Crates : They are easy to carry and are function as other Portable Dog Crates, Soft and Collapsible Dog Crates

Soft Sided dog crates come in many shapes and materials. Depending on the use, there is of choice of more sturdy, less expensive, small, medium or large sizes.

Crates are safe place to leave your dog during the day. It may be a part of your dog training. It is known, that dogs love their crates and treat them as their own place. They do not relieve them self in their crates, which trains them to hold for certain time. Puppies get tired easy, so having the place to go on their own will teach your dog, that he has a privacy and place to go.

The purpose of great dog crate is to have your dogie feel safe in your household. The crate will provide your dog with its own space and will also aide you in your house training activity. Buying the right crate must not be complicated.

They are many types of dog crates. Latest studies confirmed, that soft sided crates are safer for dogs than metal crates (less occurrence of paw and leg injuries). But depending on the size and age of the dog you want to accommodate dog’s needs.

So when buying the right crate for dog consider: his size- a good crate will allow your pet to lie down or stand up with ease.

Soft sided crates seem to have advantages like giving more warmth and comfort to your pet than metal cages. It is up to you what you choose to buy. Dog crates from different materials have their advantages: soft sided crates are safe and they seem to give a privacy and warmth.

Metal cages are sturdy, easy to clean, but they do not give any privacy. The good idea is to buy dog cage cover to accommodate the dog privacy.

Some dog owners decide to to buy dog cage for transport and traveling. In this case, soft sided dog cages are well suited for this purpose. They easy fit any car and they are easy to store if not in use. Metal crates are not so easy to store, unless you disassemble them.

Soft Sided Dog Crates : Use Of Soft and Portable Dog Crates

Dog crates are very popular in our households. They usually help you train the dog and the dog get used to your environment. Crates makes the dog training easier, because they seem to help the dog to adjust to changes in his life.

Besides training, the transportation of the dog during traveling helps the dog to calm down, especially if the dog is not used to travel.

You will certainly find soft sided dog crates very useful. Here are some uses of dog crates.

  1. Training puppies
  2. keep young dogs from mischief
  3. safe transport and traveling
  4. safe place for dog when tired
  5. teaching dog good and proper behavior

Portable Soft Sided Dog Crates Models for Dogs and Cats

They are many great soft sided crates for dogs on Amazon. Crates for dogs come in all sizes, materials and colors. Having customers reviews on hand will give you the advantage of choosing the right soft sided crate for your household.

It is important to distinguish your needs. They are portable dog crates which may be used for transport and traveling, but not suited fro use as a crate. They are to small to keep your dogie there for long periods of time.

When traveling by airplane, you need to consider the right size and dimensions of the traveling dog bag. You can check airline approved dog carriers

Soft Sided Dog Crates Airline Approved

Soft sided dog crates airline approved are specifically designed to transport the dog or cat in the airplane and they have specific dimensions allowed by the air carrier. They are rather dog carriers than soft crates and you can see a great airline approved dog carriers here variety which is available here.

The most popular are soft sided pet carriers made by Bergan and Sherpa, but those are not only ones available and well reviewed


Best Soft Sided Dog Crates on Video

Soft Sided Dog Crates : Best Tips

Soft sided dog crates come in many shapes, colors and dimensions. When buying one for your use, consider the size of your dog and the main purpose of using the crate. The size of the crate should accommodate the size and character of your dog. E.g. For bigger “working” dogs more suitable are metal cages, but for medium and small dogies soft sided dog crates are welcomed.

If the purpose for you is to travel often with your dog, than soft sided dog crate will be great for the rear seat of the car.

Traveling with dog by airplane has its certain rules set by the airplane carrier, so get familiar with those rules.

In conclusion:

Best Soft sided dog crates models are a safe choice for your dog and your home. Here are some we recommend . Choose the one soft sided crate that suites your needs:
Premium Airline Approved Expandable Pet Carrier by Pet Peppy- Two Side Expansion, Designed for Cats, Dogs, Kittens,Puppies - Extra Spacious Soft Sided Carrier!

Image from Amazon.com How to mesure the Airline approved carrier


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